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Melissa Baker Nguyen




Sew Loved Logo


One in Colour, and one in black and red.

What do you think?

The red gingham ribbon is actually going to be sewn on with the machine- so the thread line going through it will be actual black thread- or whichever colour was in the machine at the time. The top Date - will be an actual date stamp.

The reason Every One is spelled in two words, is because we aren't talking about everyone (everybody) we are talking about Each handmade apron has a story detailing where the material is from and where the idea came from. The back of this label will be a short hand written message about the apron from the designer... she is uber hands on :) 

So what do you think?



Just starting out, we don't even have the name "officially" yet, but I am thinking I want to do something with the "Sew Loved" name.  It is for a lady who makes aprons of upcycled/recycled materials.

Here is my mood board. I am thinking, hand made, vintage, cute, feminine - what do you think? 

Does this mood board give you a specific feeling ?

Ideas coming along: for layout, name etc.

I am finalizing the logo right now :) I'll post that when it's ready!

So here is the hand lettered logo in a vector format :) I kinda love it. I really like it in black. 

Here is the hand done version:

I live in French Canada, so everything here must have a french name- as you noticed SEW LOVED is english- BUT We can manage if we add Couture above it :) However for this project I've left out Couture...

Vectorized Logos- What do you think? I think I prefer the top logo in black.


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