Sew_L1sa's Create 3 Focal Prints in 3 Weeks

Sew_L1sa's Create 3 Focal Prints in 3 Weeks - student project

Focal Print One:

Artemis and Adonis, Keepers of the Night

There was a time in my life when I roamed my neighborhood in the dead of night, throwing newspapers into the yards of suspecting customers. As I moved through the darkness I could spot two protectors watching over me.

First Artemis, a fluffy cat cloaked in darkness, sat high upon a third story window sill. He would keep a careful eye on me ready to warn of danger.

Second was Adonis, a kind and courageous bunny-leader who lead a hoard of faithful followers. They would dash out ahead of me at the most random of times, startling me and any would be attackers.

Though my night-roaming days are long behind me and Artemis and Adonis have since left this world; there is still one night, when the moon is right where their skeletons can be seen, creeping through the streets watching over things.

Mood Board for Artemis & Adonis:

Sew_L1sa's Create 3 Focal Prints in 3 Weeks - image 1 - student project

Focal Print Two:

Africa's Royal Family 

Mampitza, her daughter Sabu and her husband Shaka made up the royal family of the African Sahara. Kind and regal this beautiful family watched over and cared for all who lived on their lands. Shaka, the protector, guarded everyone from the largest rhino down to the smallest sun bird from every possible danger but especially the wicked poacher. Mampitza ambled through their kingdom tending to the barren land because though the fauna was sparse it was in her nature to encourage every beautiful thing to grow. Finally Sabu the sweet young elephant went about her days spreading joy and reminding everyone to savor the same zest for life. 

Mood Board for Regal Family:

Sew_L1sa's Create 3 Focal Prints in 3 Weeks - image 2 - student project

Focal Print Three:


With a sniff and a snap it begins again. The beautiful and feisty dance of brothers. They roll through the house, playmates and best friends chasing and jumping, wrestling and tumbling. Don't bother interfering, that one may be whimpering now but as soon as he sees a chance for the upper hand you better bet he'll seize it. At the end of the hour are there hard feelings? No, just a snack and a cuddle and maybe a lick behind the ear. They are brothers and they are best friends.

Mood Board for Brothers:

Sew_L1sa's Create 3 Focal Prints in 3 Weeks - image 3 - student project