Sew Berry

Sew Berry - student project

Sew Berry - image 1 - student projectSew Berry - image 2 - student projectSew Berry - image 3 - student project

- Moodboads examples

- Color Pallet ideas: blue, red spots, add something green? (I played with the word soapberry and came with the idea of sew berry. I think it would be cool to try to put something related to the berry in the logo).

 I am not a designer but I loved to try and draw some possible sketches. Here they go:

Sew Berry - image 4 - student projectSew Berry - image 5 - student project


I like a clean simple logo, black and white, with a small touch of color. I ended up with this:

Sew Berry - image 6 - student project


 Please let me know what you think!