Seven vital questions output

1. What are you selling?

Financial Security; peace of mind; financial freedom

2. Where are you selling?

FB page, FB Ads, FB profile,Landing page, IG

3. Who are you Selling?

Working moms

28-45 yo


400k-1M annually

interest : budget; family travel:life insurance; investment; retirement planning: parenting; side hustles

4. Who should they buy?

avoid losing more money 

fear of not having enough when uncertainties happen

tired of working overtime


5. Who is your competitor?

financial advisor and other insurance companies

6. what is the important thing to say? 

value driven financial planning strategies and techniques on how to budget,prioritise,grow hard earn money and  be debt free.

7.  What to you want your prospect to do ?

call to action : get into 1-1 online strategy session