Seven Sins

Hello friends! I'm only sixteen so cut me a break on the poor photography and lack of materials! Also sorry if this is wordy and an overthought concept.

- The first thing I wanted to do was think of a unique concept, but still have an ideal creature design.

Step 1. Brainstorm

-I began tossing ideas around with the seven deadly sins, and an idea came to mind about reversing them in character. It's a stretch to say the least, especially with my final result, but for each sin I wanted to design a character reflecting everything opposite about the sin. This was hard to play with in my head, and difficult to put onto paper, but I'm grateful for the challenge. 

The Sins:                                      The Opposites (My Concepts):

-Lust                                             -Innocence

-Envy                                            -Someone content, a wanderer

-Rage                                           -Silence or restriction

-Sloth                                            -Activity

-Greed                                          -(Struggled with this one) Decided on peace

-Gluttony                                       -Frail, thin

-Pride                                            -Ashamed, or as I interpreted it, Feral 

Step 2. Thumbnails

^Just the messy notes from Mike's first video upload. Didn't really take my time, but I like the idea of designing fantasy creatures on top of original animal anatomy.

Okay! The project:

You can see at the top I'm working on pride as well as adjusting the anatomy and developing a pose. The top right is sloth, and I immediately knew I was going to make a big guy to be the opposite so I sketched my original monster idea. Gluttony is the bottom left and rage is the middle-left. I had a hard time deciding which face to make, but I liked the idea of having her mute (Please excuse the nudity). The bottom right is my idea for lust, given a child's innocence. I was messing around with the concept for pride again in the bottom right corner. 

Sorry, again please excuse the poor photography, I don't own a scanner. The left is a revision of gluttony, and I decided to mess with the face a little bit. The right is my wanderer, envy, holding hands with my decided version of lust. 

Step 3. Refining the Characters

My last revisions before the final compilation:

Lust + Envy:





Greed: *This is not the final concept I decided on. I wanted to do a peaceful figure, and felt like this drifted toward Gandhi. There were enough human-like figures so my final idea ended on a simple butterfly, because they want nothing from the world.

Step 4. Final Piece/ Final Details

-Made with Micron pens + Copic markers on Illustration board

Thanks for looking! The class is helping alot. I'm currently trying to develope a solid portfolio, and this class really nails down the whole process to a science. Thanks again.

-Kim Troyer


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