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Sookie Sachs

Web & Aspiring Graphic Designer



Seven Scripts, One Graphic - Yeah Baby! (I need to boast - that was challenging) - LOL

I feel like the Brave Tailor and the Giant - Seven in one blow!

I really enjoyed this class.  My favorite script is the RectangleSizeOfArtboard.  That one is going to save me loads of time. Yeah!

My brain got a real good workout with this class.  On their own, the scripts are not hard, but trying to work all these scripts into one graphic made me sweat.  :-)  I threw my hands in air, and gave myself a "Whoop Whoop!" after finishing this one.  


This is what I did:

1) Monoline text script - Used on Everything is Coming up Roses - also applied Neon graphic style from previous class

2) Tree Like script - I used this script to create the rose brambles.  To do this, I scaled and expanded each tree shape, ungrouped it, and then deleted the thick stumps.

3) Archimedean Spiral script - Used for the roses.  I applied a deep red fill and a pink stroke, rounded, with tapered ends

4) Meatball script (this is a better name than Metaball) - I used it to create the white dandelion fluff.  I made one rod, used transform to make 12 copies rotated in the center.  I then created a random scatter brush with the final element.

5) Distribution on Path script - used this to make the green inch worm

6) Random Select and Light and Shadow scripts- used this to make the sky.  Created circles, used Light and Shadow to get shades of blue and then applied those hues with random select.  Added a rectangle behind the circles to darken everything up.

7) Rectangle Size of Artboard - Used this to create a rectangle for my clipping mask. - The brambles and dandelions extended way over my artboard.

8) Leaves - no scripts, just the pen tool and I turned it into a brush


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