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Seven Days at Sea

We are making a time line with our trip to Europe.  We chose many ways to brainstorm; 

- One is like the cover image where each of the cities has a graph showing where we walk (geographic orientation) and stopped

- One is a chart with lots of data such as : what we ate, what means of transportation we used, what we saw, how happy we were, the incidents, and so on.

We don't know yet which of all these we will retain for our final timeline, but we jumbled a few notes and sketches as a preliminary idea.

STEP 2 :

We've figured out our final concepts.  So we will have one big overview graph that will look like a piechart.  It will be divided into 6 pieces to represent the 6 days spent visiting cities and in between each quarter there will be a thin slice blacked out representing the night-time so we can show the activities on the boat.  We will only use shadows for the items and we will have each quarter be the color of the country's flag to ease recognition.

For each city we will then have a close-up graph which will show a squiggle symbolizing our moving about during that day, and on the side a pie-chart with interesting items such as food ate, adventures, etc.

STEP 3 :

So I'm going solo on this one because I have a little more time than my travel companion to play around in Illustrator.  It's my very first time trying out Illustrator so I think it is likely to take me some time before I can get this completed, but I nevertherless thought I would share the initial stages of creation. 

Today, what I have completed is basically the circle with layers representing the flags for each destination.  There is a little banner for me to write the city (don't know yet how to add curved text and haven't thought of the fonts but will find that out soon!) and the colors I made sure would match those of the flags and be uniform, by using the color picker.  

Next up will be the silhousettes or vectors of the monuments we visited.  We also compiled things like food, transportation, and night shows, so I'm not yet 100% how all that information will be able to be conveyes in such a small chart.  Also, it was on a boat and when you look at this chart you don't get this sense.  So I have yet to find how to incorporate that into this infographic.

STEP 4 :

Since yesterday, I have added another layer of information, mainly the activities we did in each country (landmarks, food, etc.).  I had to use my mac Keynote software to edit those images because I couldn't figure out how to change them into the Illustrator!  (apparently imported jpedgs that you vectorize still can't be part of your normal path...!).  Here's the result so far.  I'm not debating what more to add since it will need to have a uniform look and not to be too too cramped.  Maybe just text?


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