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Victor Mignone

CEO • Art Director



Setting up as creative relevant company

Starting out, i`m a graphic designer by graduation and art director by passion. I`m from and have a great dream to move to United States to work and study. The way i found that possible was starting out my own business, but i`ve strucked with some crazy points:

  1. I live in a small capital in Brazil, with no great aspirations, so to level up the game i need to set up a unique voice and deliver quality work;
  2. The market is already set for the old lions on the jungle, need to be like a hungry wolf: very tactical and effective.

My agency is called Elemento and since i`ve been following Gary`s work at Wine Library and VaynerMedia, i`ve been studying ways to apply this kind of knowledge in my day-to-day basis in the company. The mais step is to get my work more noticed and then attract potential clients to it. So i`ve worked on a social media strategy to tell the company story and my own as well.


Through Facebook i've found a most popular plataform as well as a prospecting way. To build up a voice and stablish Elemento as a great creative place. To do so i`ve been using facebook as mirror to my blog posts, promote the company culture and develop a public voice to it. Some new ideas i`ve been think of to use facebook to engage more:

  • Offe some products done in the company like some posters, digital wallpapers, hand letterings and illustrations;
  • Make some extra tutorials and case studies to promote the blog through Facebook;
  • Putting out great content about Advertising and Design awards e professionals;

So after this get done, the right hook is more subtle, because what i want to impact is executives, business, local business and all kind of potential clients. So the way i see it could be done is activate the emotional way like "see how much content i give you for free, now how about pay for the tailored content for your company?"


For me Pinterest is standing out as the most proheminent plataform in the market now a days. For a creative agency i`ve been thinking to stablish in two diferent ways: one profile for the company and separated profiles for the company employees. For the company profile we could set up some boards like inspirationals works - grab the best work of other that inspire our day-to-day tasks - and some personal boards that we could share some company tailored content. In this hand the comapny culture has been seen as a great engagement way. Promote pictures of our office space near the beach, the easy going lifestyle we have when not meeting with prospects, the liberty creatives have in the dress code, etc.

So fo the right hooks, the idea is to produce some infographics of how those aspects of the company culture impact in the productivity, or in the good mood and through those pieces promoting the design service the company offers.


As a great prohimenent plataform, Linkedin cathces my eyes for sometime now. The specialized target is very interesting when we talk about B2B comunication, selling services and other stuff that through other plataforms sounds strange. Well, Linkedin Company Pages is a great focus that i have now a days, but been struggling to tailor the perfect content to put in there. Don`t know yet how to do the jabs in this world.

The Story Itself

Unconsciously i`ve been playing the long game with the facebook fan page, and so i`ve got almost thousant likes in the page. Now i`m near 800 likes, and the more i tailor the content to the aspects Gary told us that is right, the more engagement i noticed in the platform. Now the great bottleneck is to transform those into clients.


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