Setting - Sierra Grayson


An office lobby with a large L-shaped receptionist’s desk, a short round table with three uncomfortable-looking chairs placed around it, and a wall of glass separating the cubicles/executive offices from the front space.


A standing rotating fan spins loudly in a corner of Serena’s office lobby. The gray stucco walls cry out for a fresh coat of paint, tickling her hands every time she gets the urge to touch them. Serena sits at a large L-shaped mahogany receptionist’s desk in a front corner of the lobby. Across the space, a short round wooden table with three rigid plastic chairs placed around it beckons no one to “Please have a seat,” and a wall of cold clear glass separates the cramped cubicles and outer executive offices from the front space, Serena’s domain. As the fan stops whirring, the smell of white-out and paper shredders fills the air.