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Ethan Bodnar

Designer and Gardener. Previously, at Skillshare.



Setting Goals

Photo above are the birthday cake candles from my 23rd birthday!

By 2022, I will be 32 years old!

In ten years, I find myself and my wife hosting a dinner party for our parents and close friends in our backyard garden of the house we own. We all came together earlier in the afternoon to pick the food from our garden and have prepared the meal together. We live in a smaller city that has a tight community and a strong creative economy. We are in a loving relationship, travel often, passionate about what we do, and have start planning to have a family in the near future, for now we stick with our two cats. I’ve paid off all my student debt and have some financial freedom, consume healthy food, and purchase products and services with stories that have a positive impacts. We have a group of friends that we spend time with and take day trips with.

I’ve kept learning throughout my career so far, and recently started my own company or school. I'm focusing on the education side of things, with a passion for business and design at the same time, which I'm stil learning a lot about from several mentors. I am a thought leader in the design and education industry and contribute back through articles, speaking, and teaching at a graduate program. 

Ten years from now, I have figured out what works best for me and my health. I’ve come to realize what activies enhance and support my health but am open to exploring new things. I ride my bike to work and run errands with it. We grow our own food, in an organic manner in our own backyard and support the local food system. I’ve tried different things such as yoga, meditation, running and determined what makes the most sense for me personally.

For this year, 2013
Focus, don’t take on other projects, say “no” a bunch

1. Mentorship for younger students in design and creativity

2. Get my digital life in order

3. Start keeping a sketch book

4. Teach Skillshare Class

5. Eat Better

  • Cook more of my own food
  • Clinton Hill Food co-op
  • Container and vertical garden

6. Get Healthy

  • Yoga
  • Bike in the spring
  • Get all doctor appointments
  • 23 and Me

7. Known as Education Designer

  • Writing
  • Speaking
  • Project on Kickstarter


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