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Seth Godin's Marketing Class For Studio Bellwether

1. Identify your role as a marketer by answering these 11 questions:

What is Marketing for?

Marketing is for spreading the idea that Trends Investigation is a new and crucial process for successful problem solving in design and business today.

What are we allowed to touch?

Product Development

Customer Service

Delivery Channels

What can we as marketers measure?


What can we change?


What promise are we going to make?

That the intelligent and consistent application of Trends Investigation practices will help business and design stay ahead of the next curve.

What’s the hard part?

People outside of design are completely unfamiliar with Trends Investigation; even people in design have varying ideas of what it, who does it and its benefits.

Should your organization be making trends or following trends?

Making - putting forth Trends Investigation as a new, go-to tool for business and design

Following - packaging lessons in how to conduct Trends Investigation into formats and channels that people want

Where is the risk?

That students of Trends Investigation will not implement its practices well, that the practice will not be taken seriously.

That people won't care.

That we fail at convincing people that Trends Investigation is crucial to their success.

Who is in charge?


Customer feedback

Marketers spend money. Where are you spending the money? What is it for?

To reach influencers in diverse, unrelated groups

How should we be spending our time?

Demonstrating the benefits of Trends Investigation

Showing how it works

Demonstrating its credibility

Making it seem fun

Fostering future-forward creativity aimed at solving real problems in business, design and society, in general

2. Describe the business or brand you're marketing

A brand is a shortcut. It's a shortcut used by the public that's aware of you. A shortcut for expectations, trust, promises, conversations.

A brand that is worth something is worth it because you can sell more of it, or charge more. If you can’t sell more, you don’t have a brand. Commodities aren't brands precisely because they've never earned a spot in the mind of their public.

If you wish to have a brand, think about how you are acting in the world. The choices you make and the promises that go with them are what create a brand.

Please describe your brand in 3-5 sentences. Not what you believe, but what the customer believes.

Studio Bellwether teaches Trends Investigation - the art and science of discovering what’s new and next - to designers and entrepreneurs so that they shape their ideas in a way that continuously stays ahead of the curve.

Now, more than ever before, change is occurring so quickly and in such a complex fashion, that the type of scanning and sense making common in fast evolving industries like fashion, media and marketing, needs to be taken on by businesses of all types.

Trends Investigation helps its practitioners gain a clearer picture of what the near term future will look like so that they are both informed and inspired to develop ideas, products and services that leverage emerging capabilities and fulfill the evolving needs, desires and expectations of consumers.


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