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Set You Free


Set You Free is a song I've been recording in Logic throughout the past year.  Live drums, guitar, vocals, and plenty of synths.  There is alot going on and my hodge podge method of mixing is leading to a messy mix.  I am going to strip all of the mixing I've done so far and start again from the raw tracks.  



I have stripped all of the mixing, automation, and panning from my tracks.  Most of the effects have been deleted, but I've muted certain effects that create a unique sound on a track so I can recreate that sound.


For Step 2 of the project, I've been adjusting levels and panning of all the tracks, beginning with the drums.  I found starting with all the faders at their lowest and then bringing them up to work better than starting with them all at 0, which is what I've done previously.  I also like the idea of picturing an orchestra (or a band) on a stage to determine panning and depth of sounds.  



Next I added effects.  Following Young Guru's order, I began with EQ, then Reverb and Compression.  It would be helpful to have some more information about why the effects are added in this order, and how they play off of each other depending on their order.  

After I finished with the three basic effects, creating some busses, and adding some automation, I brought back and tweaked a few of my original effects that created unique sounds.  I am still waiting for a friend to send me a live string track he recorded so I can work it into my mix.  With this in mind, I made sure to leave extra headroom so the mix had more room to expand without clipping.     


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