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Set Phasers To Love Me!

09/30/14 : UPDATE # 1

Hello! I'll start off with an introduction of myself. My name is Andrea, I'm a 25 year old web designer and developer. My birthday was a few days ago and my sister bought me a moleskine dot grid notebook. Naturally, I took to wireframes for my web design process and realized I'm not as skilled with a pencil as I used to be in my high school art class days. I've been fascinated with hand lettering for quite some time and figured there's no time like the present to learn a new skill!

My quote is "Set phasers to love me!" from one of my favorite TV shows, Community. This line was so funny to me when Troy said...or rather, cried it in reference to his childhood hero LeVar Burton (Roots, Star Trek, Reading Rainbow) who he never wanted to meet. ("I told Pierce a thousand times, I never wanted to meet LeVar in person! I just wanted a picture! You can’t disappoint a picture!")

As I wrote this out, I started to get a picture in my mind of a couple of space teens and a lovestruck boy desperate to get his crush to notice him, a kind of Max & Roxanne (A Goofy Movie) meets The Jetsons. So as far as application is concerned, I thought a book cover would be fitting.

I found that I was drawn to a kind of 50's style idea of the future which is where the PeopleMover ads came from (and also because I spend most, if not all, of my free time at Disney World). I'm also loving me some Star Trek comic book covers. I didn't include all of my references but you get the idea of where I'm going with this.

For the lettering warm up, I chose the word "phasers". I've only done 2 styles, script and in a shape. I'll be working on this more and updating soon!


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