Set Fashion Free

Set Fashion Free - student project

Final Project (Written)

1.  Objective (What does the brand want to achieve?)
The brand wants every designer to be able to use their full creativity on their own terms

2.  Target (Whom does the brand want to reach?)
The ambitious student who finishes fashion school bursting with dreams of unleashing their creativity at last. They get a job for a big-name-mass-produced market. They work hard, late at night, but…they feel crushed by fitting into someone else*s vision. It isn*t what they planned. They want to be free to design, to be more in touch with the customer, to create clothes that they feel proud of.

3.  Issue (What core, real-world problem does the brand solve?)
I can't make it as a designer on my own, but I also don't want to be stifled by working for a large company.

4. Solution (What is the brand idea that answers the Issue, expressed in a clear and compelling statement?)
Set Fashion Free

5.  Support (What are the “facts of the case,” eg, the key information?)
At FIT alone their are 10,000 students enrolled in any given year (inc eve classes). There are not sufficient jobs for the number of designers in the marketplace. Buying design software is expensive, creating samples is expensive. Producing a collection or individual garments is costly and unlikely to produce an ROI.

6.  Personality (What is the tone?)
Freedom to do it your way.

1. In one year, what do you want your brand to be known for?

The place for skilled emerging designers: this means:

  • designers will be vying to use our free online software and market their designs on our website

  • customers will want to purchase the designs for their uniqueness.

2. The people who love your brand most care about:

  • The online design software

  • The showcase for emerging designers

  • High-end fabrics

  • Quality finish on garments

  • Made entirely in NYC

  • Free Shipping

3. Your brand is NOT:

Just another place to buy fashion SKUs (retail outlet)

A place to get big name brands

A place where you have only one option

4. Above all else, your brand stands for:

Innovation in the Fashion Process. Our motto is to set fashion free – we care about, and promote, the individual by providing them with a unified technology that brings designers, suppliers and customers together on a peer2peer basis.