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Jaydee Devine




Set Aside Time To Learn

What is your Habit Personality Type? Questioner, with strong tendencies in Upholder.

Why did you sign up for this class? I've been lacking direction and creativity lately. Since moving across the country for my dream job, I've lost all sense of ambition and goals for my life. Every time I want to start something new, I ultimately decide that I don't actually want to do it because it's "too much work" and I should so something easier like watch Netflix. So, I took this class to reinforce that 1% idea - I don't need to be perfect the first time I try something, I just have to be 1% better than I was yesterday.

What has been your most consistent good habit in the past year? For the last few month, on Saturdays, I've been setting aside time to make bagels from scratch. I really love listening to podcasts, so I will usually put on This American Life, and get to it! I am by no means a good baker, but I think this habit works so well because I get the "reward" for the rest of the week.


I choose a one a week habit because I think that is the most manageable for me. I also think this is a great habit to build off of. I am planning to add "draw 30 minutes a day" as a 30-day challenge for next month.


I've been a member of Skillshare since October 2013, and this will be the second lesson I will be able to move to completed. I always watch the videos, but I never act on it. This once weekly habit is going to be in the bag! 



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