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Services Badges

Okay, so my project is definitely not the most exciting. I needed to create a series of badges for a work project, but I had no idea where to start. After taking a crash course in Dominic's video lessons, I just dove right in. I might decide to do a more "fun" project later (I'm thinking famous internet cats or Doctor Who badges), but this will have to do for now.

My brainstorming basically consisted of just trying to list out all the different services that my organization offers and then sketching out fun visual representations of each. I didn't bother scanning in the image of the brainstorming phase because it won't really make sense to anyone else. The sketches are where it at least *starts* to get interesting.

Each concept has a large object in the middle, and two smaller and support objects on either side for unity. I also decided to put them on the same horizon level (of a desk or podium or the ground) for unity as well.

We have a selection of colors we are using to brand the organization, so I decided to try and use only those colors (plus black and white where needed) to create the badges. Here is the color scheme:

When it came to illustrating, I started working on the programs called Fusion (small groups), Edge 3D (extreme events), Coaching (mentorship), and Seminars. Here is what I have so far:

The "seminar" badge still needs the two smaller objects, but I needed to take a break! I would love whatever feedback you guys have, especially as the projects just starts to develop. Or, if there is a major outcry, I might just switch to my Famous Internet Cat or Doctor Who badges idea.


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