Jessica Mack




Sequins, suede, and leather

I'm not too happy with the first two shoes I painted, in suede, and sequins. I'm pretty rusty, so I'll keep working on it. They look very flat and not very watercolor-y to me. 



I'm taking this workshop again because I need the deadlines to keep me accountable, and to keep practicing! Here is my round two color chart. This time, I started out by just adding more and more water to each color to see how it behaves. Then I mised a few of my basic palette colors to test the effects. 




First Round


I added some Converse to my little series of illustrated shoes. Trying to portray different textures. Suede, leather and canvas.


I started painting a series of mini illustrations to try some different textures, namely suede boots and leather heels. i might do a few more using the same color palette. I am still having trouble loosening up though, I'll paint something a bit messy and then second guess myself and paint over it to even it out. :( 


Here's my first shoe painting. I wanted to try my hand at some sequined flats first, but I'm going to try and loosen up a bit in my next paintings. I'd love some feedback, and I'll post up a time lapse video on 


I've never done a color chart of any kind before, and I found it fun to see all the different combinations I could get from my one little travel paint set! (The one you gave me in fact Katie). :)

I'm traveling for work at the moment and one of the things I love about watercolor is being able to take it with you!

I also made a little time-lapse video of my color mixing:


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