Separate/Together gouache exercise

Separate/Together gouache exercise - student project

Hi Dylan and everyone! I used to be so passionate about painting and sometimes, actually quite good at it! I have been longing to get back into it (and maybe get 'good' again?!) so this class was brilliant. Watching it was so soothing, too. 

I decided to pick gouache and went for the together/separate exercise as I'm also trying to learn putting stuff together in PS. 

This course was also a brilliant excuse to buy a bunch of flowers! 

This is the 'together' result - I have lots to improve on but it felt awesome to start painting in this way again.

Separate/Together gouache exercise - image 1 - student project


These are some of the bits I made for the 'separate' task....

Separate/Together gouache exercise - image 2 - student project

And this is what I made from them. I had to add some bits in PS.

Separate/Together gouache exercise - image 3 - student project

I'm not in love with it so I also decided to make a simple repeat pattern.

Separate/Together gouache exercise - image 4 - student project

Thank you so much for this class! I had so much fun working on al of it, and I am trying to improve my daily practice so it was a massive help, and a push to do this! Thanks too for running the amazing competition with Marie-Noelle - it lead to me discovering her class which I also had so much fun with. x