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Seoul is always good to me.



Yongsan, Seoul, South Korea. It's easy to just walk around and find something interesting around here. In this case it's how well developed the city is and how most of it's build and kept up with by much older people. I used a really high contrast and played with the tone curve shadows to exhaggerate the natural lighting of the sun. I also experimented with balancing vibrance and saturation meters to give it a dated look. 



On the roof of a hotel in Seoul. They don't seem to mind people going up...While editing this photo I discovered that removing a lot of shadows then compensating with the black meter acheives a much smoother look to me. I shot this photo around 5am so I got some even light and didn't have to mess with too many elements during the editing process.



Went for a walk with my brother when he came to visit Seoul. I think there's something iconic about a yellow car. I loved how it played off of the blue on the buildings and my brother's shirt. This is the only photo I used a VSCO filter on, but I ended up using the same technique as my scale photo so that there wouldn't be drastic spots of light in certain places.



You can actually see an end to this, but this was my favorite of any vanishing point photos I shot during the hunt. I love the movement of light and shade of green that progresses up the stairs. I also appreciate the color of the ceiling that plays off the green. I used a heavy contrast and clarity since it's an architectural shot. I also played with the tone curve to make sure it wasn't too dark after applying a good bit of clarity.

I loved putting this project. I learned a lot about this city despite a huge language barrier

*Unrelated Note:

Brooklyn is the Queen of Ontario, Steve. Never Forget.


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