Seoul, Korea

Seoul, Korea - student project

My City:

TORONTO!! Actually, Seoul, Korea.

I live in Toronto and I love where I live. However... I'm downright afraid to work with the same city name as Jon. So I choose Seoul, where I grew up as a kid.

My References:

Seoul, Korea - image 1 - student project

Seoul, Korea - image 2 - student project

Seoul, Korea - image 3 - student project

Seoul, Korea - image 4 - student project

I realized I unconsciously chose all the pennants in red colour. I love the vintage look of these pennants. The orange/black colour combination of of the Detroit Tigers is super cool and the expression of the tiger is quite whimsical.

My Favourite Oxford Pennant:

Seoul, Korea - image 5 - student project

This one is my favourite as no matter where I travel, I am instantly relieved and happy when I get back home. This pennant captures that feeling by placing lonely teepees under the twinkling night sky. I long for home just by looking at it.

My Custom Distressed Halftone Texture:

In progress.

Seoul, Korea - image 6 - student project

With Jon's tutorial, I mixed it with the halftone.

Seoul, Korea - image 7 - student project

My Rough Sketches

Seoul, Korea - image 8 - student project


Seoul, Korea - image 9 - student project

Seoul, Korea - image 10 - student project

Seoul, Korea - image 11 - student project

I've been sketching a lot in my commute train. I haven't been to Korea for over 10 years, so Seoul is a fragment of my memory and longing. From obsessively readhing about Seoul and its culture, it seems like a magical wonderland. I tried to capture my longing for the city and my fantasy. In my fantasy Seoul, there are lots of cute stationaries and food. 

I like the second sketch, but it seems a little too childish, so I am proceeding with the last sketch. 

Seoul, Korea - image 12 - student project

This is my progress shot. I've never traced letters in Illustrator before. It looks wonky... I regret not reverting to Photoshop... but good to get some practice. 

My Design:

Here is my design with no textures on the supplied template:


Seoul, Korea - image 13 - student project

Here it is with my textures and a few bells and whistles for presentation purposes.

Seoul, Korea - image 14 - student project

Zoomed in to see the texture detail.

Seoul, Korea - image 15 - student project

HyeinPain Lee