Ian Pollard

Director at Sentori



Sentori - Email & Social Marketing

About Sentori

In a nutshell: we make a web-based app for email and social marketing.

Website: http://sentoriapp.com
Twitter: @sentoriapp

About Us

We were an email marketing agency for the better part of a decade, designing, building, and managing the email campaigns of some of the UK's biggest brands and organisations. As an agency we used many of the popular email marketing platforms; some we liked but a lot we didn't. What they all had in common was that the most effective features of email marketing were prohibitively technical, often putting them out of reach to all but the organisations with the best technical teams, the biggest budgets, and the most time.

This seemed wrong to us: we felt sure that we could distil our experience as an email marketing agency into our own software to make these features accessible for organisations of any size and budget. Sentori is our email marketing platform.

Our Viral Map

You can view our viral map on Google Docs.


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