Sentimental - student project

First of all, Thanks Jordan for this amazing class. I loved your teaching style. 

For the first exercise I went with the word sentimental. I try to not be so emotional about things and my whole life I was taught that being sentimental was a bad thing. Nowadays, I think being sentimental is not a bad thing and is good to let yourself feel your feelings. For this reason, this is the very first page of my new sketchbook that I'll use only for art journaling my feelings.

I really got inspired by your drawing, but I tried to put my own style in it. 


Sentimental - image 1 - student project

For exercise two, I put on paper things that have being bothering me in recent weeks. 

Disclaimer: Magpies are really protective and during early spring in Australia they tend to attack people randomly because they think they might find their nest. They are really aggressive. 


Sentimental - image 2 - student project 

Exercise three was easy for me and I particularly loved how my coffee cup came up so beautiful. After this exercise I had better ideas for my resume and maybe I'll find my barista job soon. (now, I am a bartender, but really willing to have a day job instead of working late nights).

Sentimental - image 3 - student project 

Next exercise was a bit difficult, and maybe I over thought in the beginning. But after going for a walk I could make my avatar losing control full broken thing around her. In the end, this was my favourite and maybe I'll do it in watercolour later. 


Sentimental - image 4 - student project


Lastly, the freestyle was really fun. I decided to use lots of my markers because it is so calming to paint with them. 

Sentimental - image 5 - student project