Sentimental Wedding Suite

Sentimental Wedding Suite - student project


Sentimental Wedding Suite - image 1 - student project


This project couldn't have come at a better time. I am getting married in Louisiana in October and am trying to design my wedding invitations and the rest of my wedding suite. I've already created and sent out my Save The Dates, but I've been procrastinating on the rest of the pieces I need to create. So I'm hoping this helps me get it all done.

:: Moodboard & Sketches ::

I started out by thinking of three words to describe the aesthetic of our wedding. 

• Sentimental, Organic, Romantic

I made a Moodboard on Pinterest ---

Sentimental Wedding Suite - image 2 - student project


Then I wrote down a list of words and did a few quick sketches of what I might like to include. I knew from the beginning that I wanted to incorporate a pattern on our website and for possible wedding favors, so I kept that in mind throughout the brainstorming process. 

Sentimental Wedding Suite - image 3 - student project


After I chose which elements I wanted to include, I made final sketches. I brought them into photoshop and cleaned them up, then started to arrange them for the Save The Date.

Sentimental Wedding Suite - image 4 - student project


I wasn't really sure how I wanted it to look yet, so i played around with arrangements and orientation. I settled on this arrangement, which I will now consider to be my Hero Image.


:: Hero Image ::

My Hero image, and the completed Save The Date ---

Sentimental Wedding Suite - image 5 - student project

I haven't included any watercolor yet, but I am thinking of including a small amount of color for the invitation and possibly the monogram.


:: Monogram / Crest ::

Monogram moddboard ---

Sentimental Wedding Suite - image 6 - student project

To make it hard on myself, I've decided that I am going to carve this into a rubber stamp. So, I need to create a monogram that is simple enough to carve into a stamp, without loosing the aesthetic of the STD illustration i've already created. 

I chose to use the magnolia from the Hero illustration because it's the state flower of Louisiana, where we are from, so it is meaningful to us. I think it will also be simple enough to carve without losing all of the detail.

The final Monogram:

Sentimental Wedding Suite - image 7 - student project


I decided to work in some watercolor to bring in a couple of new elements into the invitation, like Carolyn suggested. 

I used black/white grey water color and created a hand painted version of the ampersand I used in the STD and some nice watercolor texture for the background instead of a border.


Sentimental Wedding Suite - image 8 - student project


And the final carved stamp. I think it turned out pretty well for a first try.

Sentimental Wedding Suite - image 9 - student project

 I plan on using this for paper coffee cups and anything else that needs a personal touch. 

:: Extra Details ::

I ordered the invitations and realized the envelopes that came with them weren't that nice, so as an added detail I printed the pattern on vellum and lined each one. 85 envelopes. 

Sentimental Wedding Suite - image 10 - student project

I used regular hot glue as an envelope seal and got a small seal stamp with silver ink. It worked really well!

Sentimental Wedding Suite - image 11 - student project 

:: Layout, Composition & Branding ::

Sentimental Wedding Suite - image 12 - student projectSentimental Wedding Suite - image 13 - student projectSentimental Wedding Suite - image 14 - student projectHere are my final suite items. I think there will be a couple more, but I'm happy with where everything is right now. I've ordered the invitations and thank you cards. Once I get all of the pieces, I will take a photo of them all together to get the full effect. :)

Any feedback is appreciated. 

Thank you for the excellent class Carolyn!

Nora Patterson
Designer, Creator, Wannabe Illustrator