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Sent from a Journey

Name: Sent from a Journey

Brand statement:

Sent from a Journey is an empowering, meaningful and honest blog that tells diverse stories about transformative movement of changemakers, migrants, humanitarians, and wanderlust travelers forging their own journeys so as to:

  • Explore the intersection of travel for cultural immersion, migration for a better life and social movements of communities working for a more just world;
  • Find dynamism and vibrancy in the least suspecting places, such as refugee camps or rural USA, or the most obvious, like thriving cities or gorgeous places of pristine natural beauty,
  • Discover the meaning of belonging, of feeling at home(s) regardless of where it is because of who is there, belonging to a wherever land that won’t accept the obstacles of boundary;
  • Promote “slow” living in the way we travel, dress, eat and love despite all societal pressures to go, eat, and do faster;
  • Inspire others through connection, no matter how fleeting, and showcasing people who make their mark on the world with their spirit; and
  • Embrace the freedom, beauty, terror and hope that comes with change.


Purpose: The purpose of my blog is to creatively curate my experiences and those of the people who inspire me to live a more adventurous, creative and socially just lifestyle. I also hope to:

  • Generate an audience of followers who feel contagious inspiration
  • Engage with followers in order to challenge my own perspectives and find new experiences and opportunities
  • Experiment with diverse forms of new media
  • Create engaging written and photographic content that is relatable and overcomes barriers of nationality, race, gender, sex and ethnicity by highlighting the humanity of a diverse range of people transforming in different ways



My audience are globally-minded in the 20s to 40s age group. They consist of three prototypes: migrants, wanderlust travelers and changemakers/humanitarians interested in putting humanity back into their understanding of the world’s greatest challenges, especially displacement. People open to the idea that we all move, we have always moved, to improve our lives - some for the chance of physical survival and others for the change of emotional transformation. Their genders, income levels, political affiliations and religions differ, but they are all open to exposing themselves of stories different than theirs and of contributing to a more open, borderless world.



  • First five things that come to mind about your blog:
    • Humanitarian - poverty porn = social justice oriented
    • Free spirited/wanderlust - surface level generalizations = contextual storytelling
    • Inspiring, relatable - pretentious = empowering
    • Challenging/adventure filled - self-centeredness = meaningful
    • Perceptive  - privilege =  honest, diverse and respectful



Publish at least two posts per month throughout 2015.

Generate at least 50 unique visits to the blog by the end of 2015.

Be re-published on other blogs or social media platforms at least two times by the end of 2015.


Content types:

  • Storytelling
  • Testimonies
  • Photo stories
  • Interviews
  • Research/proposing new ideas or critiques
  • Guest posts
  • Videos
  • Compilation posts (ex: 101 Ways to...)
  • Infographics


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