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Emily Schramm

Designer & Illustrator



Sensuous Sandwich

Meet Sensuous Sandwich:


One of my favorite sandwich shops in the town that I went to college in, they sell sandwiches by the inch, from 4" to 24". Playing off the name, their sandwiches have "punny" names like "The Stimulator" and "The Enticer". 


I want to unify their brand so they have just one really solid logo. Their sandwich names as well as their tabletops, which are covered in old comic strips, suggest that there is a lot of room for fun and playfulness in this brand. I love their wood exterior; it has an old, maybe 70s vibe that I would like to bring into the look.

Initial thumbnails:


After going through some quick thumbnails, I think I am most interested in moving forward with a script option. For me it captures the word "Sensuous" better - and I think it will allow me to play with that old, 70s playful feel.

I also see a lot of potential with the "S". Since I don't have any ascenders or descenders, I think I need to have a lot of character in the "S".

"S" Explorations:



Here are some more developed sketches. I'm just focusing on the word "Sensuous", I think I will have "Sandwich" as secondary text. I'm liking the 2nd and 4th sketches and I'd love some feedback/thoughts!



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