Sensory Lab Cold Brew

Sensory Lab Cold Brew - student project

Hello fellow Skillsharers and Jon!

My label is for a Melbourne Coffee Roaster called Sensory Lab. Each summer they do a Cold Brew in the cafe, and now they would like a label for the product.

Melbourne is coffee mecca in Australia, and in summer the Cold Brew is really taking off! Only the real coffee nerds are into the Cold Brew, so Sensory Lab wants to create a label for the summery beverage that will attract coffee afficinado's and cafe customers alike. 

The Cold Brew is a labour of coffee love. It takes 24 hours to steep, after which it is bottled and refrigerated. You can drink over ice and it brings out bold chocolately coffee flavours and is super refreshing!

For the label, I was connecting this product with the Australian summer and thought it would work well to serve the drink in a brown glass "stubbie bottle". You know us Aussies love our beer, but it's the hand crafted and organic high quality coffee that needs to shine through for this product for Sensory Lab. 

For the mood I am creating, I was looking at vintage beer labels. These have a timeless heritage and a hand crafted feel. The lettering is bold, using delicious scripts and swashes.


Sensory Lab Cold Brew - image 1 - student project

I wanted to create a story from the brand Sensory Lab. These baristas are craftsmen that put a lot of love in to the brew. The label could personify one of these baristas complete with hipster moustache as a Doctor who creates these brews. 

CONCEPT SKETCHESSensory Lab Cold Brew - image 2 - student project

There would also be a swing tag label to hang off the neck of the bottle. This would have the important coffee name, region and process. These would be hand written on the tag. The date would be stamped by a red inked date stamper for that human touch. 

Sensory Lab Cold Brew - image 3 - student project

The cold brew lettering is quite important on the label, as some people are unaware of this beverage, it's important to draw the eye to the name.