Sensory Details - Starry Sky

Sensory Details - Starry Sky - student project

The stars, magnificent and astute, watched as he stood amidst the humming darkness, lost in his thoughts that were darker than the morose Blue that encapsulated him. Even the comforting summer wind, heavy with the smell of lavender and rotting wood which he had so loved in the early days passed him by like faceless strangers on a busy street. His demeanour was worn, like old tree bark, bent and scratchy. His breath was cold and stale, in contrast to the heat reverberating in the air from the day. His eyes, the only features to retain their youth, seemed to scan the view of the the unknowing rooftops in the valley below, though he saw nothing but Uncertainty gazing disdainfully back at him, reflecting in her eyes that dreadfully beautiful starry sky.


How did he get here?


He took a deep breath and shook his head. The church bell struck midnight, how dramatic.


The wind strengthened her blow, tumbling and tousling the scene in front of him, but nothing could get him to move his muddy and grass-stained feet. Witnessing his silent distress, the stars above appeared to laugh at him, taunting him with their jocular glow. They knew something that he didn’t. They knew that his fate was the same as theirs, only they knew the time of their own supernovas. How wretched and dissatisfying to be man!