Sensory Detail

Descriptive, sensory writing about Van Gogh's "Starry Night".


"Lament of the Near Dead"

I position myself to get a better look at the sky. I realized I was high up; able to see the entire town and collections of shops, homes, and buildings that would soon uphold no meaning.

The amber moon is radiating in the sky offering subdued humming and vibrations into the starlight. The pull of the Sun's radiant, whirlwind rays are tugging the starlight into the dark, velvet sky. Pools of caramel are dripping from the balls of light. 

I am not sad, for the gifts the universe has given me cannot be contained within monotonous human affairs or ego desires. No, they can only be the mural plastered on the edge of the universe for the pure enjoyment and satisfaction of humans. 

What a pity it is.

This is the last day humanity will witness such a glorious sky; and of course, it happens to be a starry night.