Sensory Detail

From the moment I arrived in this peculiar town, I felt as if something was off. Maybe it was the lack of laughter and music, maybe it was the wolves who howled at the sun, or maybe it was the cold warmth crawling I felt. But one of the first things I noticed was the outlandish behavior of the people. When I asked one of the townspeople what was wrong with this town, he laughed and replied in a raspy voice, "What is wrong with the rest of the world." And he simply walked away, leaving me to dwell in my thoughts. He was the last human I saw that day, but the wind made me feel like I wasn't alone, tugging at my hair and clothes. Out of all the things I had seen, the sky was the most intriguing to me. I could almost hear the music of the moon as it danced with the stars. A faint humming, nothing more, but nothing less. I blinked. The stars shouldn't be moving, swaying with the wind. Yet they did, waltzing with the sun, who shouldn't even be in the sky at this hour, and I swear I saw one curtsy. A strong breeze ran through me, and for a moment, I felt alive. And at that moment, nowhere in the world felt right but here.