Sensory Detail

Sensory Detail - student project


The sky was bespeckled with a million stars.I sat on the rooftop dismissing any discomfort felt from on the rigid concrete tiles . Eyes lacquered as I gazed at the sapphire heavens. The wind gently tousled my hair and  whispered sweet words to me. A romantic encounter of a flirtatious and teasing nature.


And then a million bumps dotted my skin, as I felt the breeze turn icy. Its fury brings alive the wild howls and cries. I turned to the village below, unfazed by the wind's commotion. Houses dappled with golden flecks, exhaling vigorously. The smoke from the chimneys danced with the wind in a passionate tango. The scent awakened me and fed on my nostalgia of burnt wood and roasted chestnuts. The aroma worked like instant time travel. I'm reminded of every warm tender moment spent huddling around the fireplace, fire , family, fighting  and eventually fleeing.   


I looked above, celestial beings were my only companions now. The moon protruded its confidence with a heated glow. Whatever it is I was running from they seemed to know. Always ablaze in their aureate glory.