Sensory Detail / Unexpected Detail


Sensory Detail

Under the basking glow of the moon, the village settled down. Day had given way to night and the stars previously outshone by the sun now relished in their time, showing off their brilliance and studding the sky like diamonds on blue velvet. From the houses hushed voices wafted into the breeze and were lost, though the trees heard them as they rustled in time. The hills were visible even under cover of darkess, the village an island in the middle of a grassy sea, as the grass itself waved quietly goodnight in the nighttime orchestra of nature's slumber. Above, wood smoke of the villagers' fires wafted up to the sky to draw cover over all.


Unexpected Detail

The surface of the pond rippled as the ducks paddled over for their lunch. Leaning over the side of the fence, the points sticking in my ribs, I threw out to them the remainder of my stale cake. Ingredients were difficult to get these days but they were right, blood was a good replacement for eggs.