Sensory Detail. 1st shot [Starry Night]

..I couldn’t take my eyes off of it. One after another appeared in the sea of deep blue above me. I managed to sneak out the castle. I hated it; The view overlooking the small village. The looks of hate and disgust people would give the moment our family had passed by. My Father was the king here. His son, being the next in line to the throne. Given everything from birth except the love from his own father. The precious prince had a little sister, the youngest and most adored of the royal family. Then there’s me. The forgotten child. The first born yet they often forget to even feed me since I decided to eat in the basement they made into a room when I turned seventeen. They stopped checking my room at bedtime, so i’m sure a nightly stroll wouldn’t hurt anyone. The church bell sent a rumbling pulse through the town. Finally taking my cold hands off my ears I turned back. The king's quarters looked much different from down here. It wasn't a pleasant view like the one atop. It was imposing, Its shadow among the moonlight sent chills up his spine. I rushed behind the church's wall at the sight of torches approaching. The cold stone wall tingled my fingers as I  peeked around the corner There were two guards passing by. Could they be looking for me? Yeah right, it’d be months before they noticed. I never feel more alone than living there. How could someone admire something from here that looks so threatening. The look of terror on the villagers faces when the drawbridge descends-

“AHHH” I jumped from the touch of a large cold hand laid upon my shoulder. This shadow of a man towered over me, and suddenly I could smell nothing but…. Bread.

“What are you doing out this late?” The shadow called out. He stepped into the moonlight. It was the king's royal protector holding something in his other hand. I.. tried. But I couldn’t make any excuse while my mouth moved looking like a babbling idiot.

“Okay kiddo, back to the castle you go. Here, have some. Why are you out here by yourself anyway?

The first bite was warm, elegant like a slow dance. The warm touch of hands pressed upon mine as we moved. And just like that, the bready goodness had vanished.

“To get some much needed air. Who wants to live inside that thing anyway.

“How could could you say such things, the castle is a prestigious home,  made for you and-

“That place isn't made for me. No matter where I go in that massive castle I always feel alone. All everyone cares about are the other two.” I didn’t want to look at him. Or anyone for that matter. Even as he looks up to the sea of blue above, the stars in the sky all accompany one another looking down on the sole star whose light is veiled in shadow...