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Sense Map of Secret places in Prospect Park

I have been thinking alot about this project. but was not sure how to begin.  I've been exploring areas of Prospect Park that I never knew about. They are my secret places.  I go for walks through areas where there are not that many people and my senses are heightened by nature.  I take lots of pictures.  I've seen an area where there are steppes and 3 round pools, but they are not filled with water and an area where there is a manmade lake surrounded by a stone wall, also with no water.  There are flowers everywhere, scents and textures of bark and stone, archways and birds.  

I have a few ideas.  I want to make a map for your senses, textural and 3 dimensional. I started with a section of a map of Prosect Park on a post in the park.  I photographed it at an angle to make it 3 dimensional. Then I started overlaying photos I took at different levels of transparancy.

 I also want to do a hand drawn/ watercolor map based on Antique maps


my painting                                                                          antique map


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