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Charlotte Merchant

Sports & Portrait Photographer



Senior Portraits

My Project Cover Photo is actually my daughter who tends to model for me!  I have been a sports photographer for a few years now beginning when my kids were involved in sports. They are young adults now (19 & 20) but have really helped build my business. I am now taking portraits of Seniors who I photographed in sporting competitions and those who have found my business.  I am looking to learn more about all of the components of photographing the Perfect Headshot...  I tend to get more involved in my clients and portraying thier character and personality that I forget to capture that basic but professional headshot for the yearbook or for use in their professional lives after high school.  I would also like to see this transfer into some improvements in my athlete portraits. 

Also, I do not use flashes or reflectors.  I really like utilizing the light available where a reflector would help tremendously.  I do own a reflector and would like to learn how to utilize it and how to get comfortable and confident using the reflector.


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