Sellmapp - student project

Main purpose of the app:

the need arises in the Spanish market which is where I live.

Here the main sites of this market especially secondhand items:,, etc.

but do not have a formalized offer to people of the same place, I pose an example:

purchase any item as an iphone is the usual search using filters or alerts, but many of these deals are for people not from the area, if not further afield.

as second purpose would be no less interesting:

create a "hobby" or "need" (as you please see) good deals search for people traveling through the country, towns, cities, etc. .. that we all have something to offer that is interesting to others: art, things we do not use, services, etc ...

We are developing the APP in Objective-C to learn how to develop APP IOS.

Hope your opinions and suggestions :)

Ivan Montes