Selling 1000 of my Lobster Prints/Products

Selling 1000 of my Lobster Prints/Products - student project


Great class in Goals Lisa, I'm so excited about this challenge!

I am a Maine Artist and this Lobster Print has been one of my top selling prints at the Portland International Jetport here in Maine, where I am their featured artist. I have not done a great job of selling my work online and you have me thinking I can do this and what a great challenge this would be. 


I' have to work out my plan a bit more, but I have a youtube Channel that I hope to post on as well as an instagram page (would love to have you follow me! I'm currently working on #inktober using pen and ink so my posting may not begin for this until the end of October, but then what a great time for the Holidays to share my challenge.  


Selling 1000 of my Lobster Prints/Products - image 1 - student project

I think I'll celebrate with doing a Give-a-way on youtube and Instagram with a FREE Tote bag once I reach the 1000 in sales!

Can't wait to start sharing, thanks again!


Kellie Chasse
Artist/Instructor ✅ 16+ Years