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Sell My Story

I published the Kindle edition of my book in February on Amazon and the paperback version in August.  I published an e-book edition on Smashwords in August.  I used the free days on KDP select and advertised on several online sites as well as Twitter with little results.  I had about 450 free downloads of the Kindle edition with no reviews.  The book is listed in the August supplement of Pubisher's Weekly but without an review.  I have submitted it to Midwest Review. I have an author's page on Amazon with a bio, video, and Twitter clips.  I have a blog that is linked to my Facebook and LinkedIn accounts.  I recently revised my keywords on Amazon and am working on revising my bio.I have completed my ideal reader exercise.  I have had two local book readings, and I am working on a third.  I recently posted a comment on an Advocate article on aging gays with the intent of establishing a contact with the hope of getting a review.  I recently posted an interview section of my web site and on my Smashwords author page. I have drafted a news release but have not found a suitable service at a reasonable price. So far I have invested a total of less than $500 in the production and promotion of this book, which is about 1/10 of what I spent on my first print-on-demand book with Trafford. 

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One of the things I noticed on my review, was the bio that I use on various web sites. It reads more like a resume than a pitch. Here is the current one:

            I have been a writer, editor, publisher, project manager, and sales person in various stages of my career.  I edited three magazines: Texas Trees, Educational Media, and On The Road, and I served as field reporter for Construction News.  I have published three books on Amazon, a photo book on and two photo books and many photo albums on my personal photo web site  My personal web site is:

      I have many interests including: public policies regarding aging, public transportation, public funding of campaigns, Bible studies, environment, universal healthcare, and LGBT issues.  I have been active in too many organizations to mention, including both those related to writing and to other broad issues.  In the past decade I’ve served on the board of directors of several non-profits as well as volunteered in a lot of others. My writing has been periodic during that era since I gave away most of my time and had little left for writing.  My hobbies are reading, writing, travel, and attending concerts and the theater. I am very active in my church. My personal musical interests and performances faded after college, but in my early years I played the piano, organ, and trombone.

      You can read my memoir on Amazon in the title Neither Here Nor There.


I am a reluctant writer even though I’ve been writing for and editing publications for more than 40 years.  Until I retired, I was writing on assignment for trade and technical publications so I had a word count and an angle to follow.  When I started freelancing, I found it hard to be creative and to think outside of the box because I had been cooped up for so long. I got some assignments from local periodicals and from a web site inquiry to my web site (at the time). I now have three web sites and a blog, but I’m not getting any assignments because I’m focused on selling the three books I’ve written.  I’ve subscribed to Writer’s Digest since 1978 and to Writer’s Market for several years, but I’ve been too sensitive to rejection to keep at it persistently.  After several years I found my voice as that of an essayist.  I don’t read fiction, and I don’t want to write fiction because I’m very direct and stoic in person.  That’s been a safe way to contain my emotions and my insecure fears.  It took 50 years to learn who I am and why I am that way.  My struggle is laid out and commented upon in my latest book Neither Here Nor There, which demonstrates my ambivalence about life.  I’m more courageous now since I have less time to suffer the consequences of revealing my true self, and American society has become more tolerant of gays.  I finally have a message that I was afraid to speak about for so long.  I’m enjoying my freedom.

 I would appreciate some feedback comparing the two versions and how you think I should change the final version.


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