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Leitha Matz




Selkie Transforms into a Seal

I'm developing a web comic called "The Selkie & The Sea Troll," and this is a character prep sketch that I did to show how Selkie switches from a girl to a seal.


Right now I'm at work turning the sketch into a workable digital drawing. I'm very new at using the tablet to draw, so this has been good practice for me in getting into a better digital workflow!


Now that I have the endpoints, I'm going to draw and color the in-between stages.


Animation is such a loooong process. I love the results, but I'm really impressed at how long it takes to do these things well (even with the convenience of the modern tools we have.... and of course all that makes the old-timey pen and paper cartooning even more impressive!)

Okay, so after several hours in Photoshop, I've got a rough animation ready.


I loved the wink idea, so I threw that in at the end.

Anyway, at this point, I'm somewhat happy with this, but I believe that there's probably more that could be done to make it cuter. What do you think? Is the speed okay? Should I make it loop back around? Any thoughts on where I could add a little something?


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