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First I composed the loops I will be using for this instrumental using fl studio, I began with an original pattern that I will use as a base for the rest of the track, so that I can reference to it when I am creating other patterns for the instrumental

After I was finished, I grouped all the similar instruments together on a specific track in the mixer

Then I adjusted the different volumes of each mixer track that holds each group of instruments, before adding effects.

Next I added the Equalizer and Compressor to all of the tracks, and a filter to some of the instruments that needed to be enhanced or cut back a little

Afterwards I did a little messing around with some of the effects Im used to using for exapanding the sound of each instrument or tomake them sound more fuller. I did think about using the filters on the master but I decided not to and took them off. After a little more tweaking I finally think I am finished.

 And now the final mix should be done and hopefully it is ready to be master

Give a listen to it here.

Please feel free to leave any feedback regarding the finished project


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