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Sandra Relf

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Hi I'm Sandra. This is going to be very interesting making a statement about myself.

I've started a pinboard on pinterest pinning images that evoke how I feel. You can view it here.

Some of the images I love are crowns not because I have grand ideas but because, as one statement says, I like to wear an invisible one and feel good about myself : ) 

I'm going to gather images and thoughts over the next few days and see what develops.

Looking forward to writing that letter.


I've been researching and pinning more images onto my pinterest board {see the orange link above}. Mr Gill said to see where it takes you and I seem to be writing a poem. It feels right so I'm going to stick with it. I tried to put my words into a direct statement but, I think, due to my whimiscal and abstract attitude to life I need to make my statement a little obscure.

Some things I've found out about myself are that I strive to be carefree and at peace. If you've ever galloped on a horse at full flight you'll know the feeling I mean.(If you haven't - put it on your bucket list : ) I feel like I have beauty in my spirit and I'm grateful to feel that feeling. So my statement is about those things. I also feel a little selfish for giving myself time to discover these things.

She's light as a feather

Galloping up on a horse to free

Majestic. A queen in her invisible crown.

To her land, arcadia, her dream.

She steps up on her books

Every day reaches higher

To her land, her dream, Arcadia.

I'm going to sleep on this and see how I feel about it tomorrow. I'm sure that while it makes sense to me it probably doesn't really to anyone else. Any feedback will be gladly accepted and graciously condsidered.

Update 4/09/13

I've been reading everyones comments and thank you for your thoughts : )

I changed the poem a bit to suit as if someone where introducing me.

I've also been adding more images to my pinterest board but at this stage I'm a little bit stuck. Should I continue to add to my poem - I would like to add more - but is it getting too long? And then should I  try to turn it into a statement?


When put all together (with the part below) Is this a statement already that allows for great visual?

she sailed lone up on her lovely swan

and became her dream. Arcadia.

To her land serenity.                            <---------- callout to Mike - do you think this would be a better title?


Stand by for the drawings : )

18th September 13

After more thought on portrait design I've decided to make this into an evelope and have the poem tucked inside. I like flat design and geometric animal shapes so I will use main symbols from my poem and design them into geometrical shapes as best I can. There'll be an main image on the front and the others on the back of the envelope. Here's the start of my sketches...

I think that I will print of the images from pinterest board and keep them in the envelope too. This will be like my treasure keepsake that I can refer to when I need inspriation and a little pep talk to keep me going toward my goal.

23rd September 13

Based on some great ideas provided by my peers I've been doing some more sketches. Here's a collage. There's Crown, a small me standing on books, a sign post to Arcadia and a star book guide.

I've scanned the sketches and changed them into vectors. 

Then I coloured a little envelope shape in my favourite colour and added the sketch images onto the envelope (in photoshop). When cut out and folded I think this will make a very interesting envelope.

I like how the sketches/shapes overlap each other - it reminds me of a star map. I hope that whoever is holding it would be intrigued and turn it over and over figuring out and deciphering the images.


I'll add the poem to the same coloured solid background. Then I'll send it all off to the printers. Stay tuned for the finished product!!


Ok my project is now finished. Here is a pic of how it looks.

I cut up the poem to make things even more obscure and not so easy to work out. I've received some great feedback from Bob Gill and will push my project to realise something that has greater clarity.

I am a little confused about Bob's feedback as I hadn't posted my finished project so I'm not sure if he is referring to my envelope only or the project as a whole. Not to worry I will push it further! I am happy with the way it's turned out. I will consider 'pusing the envelope'  and finding other ideas to convey my message over time and will see what happens.


After contmeplating Bobs feedback I have found an image of some logo designs that is probably closer to what he was trying to get us to create.

So hopefully these designs are better examples of what he is was trying to say. These designs get the message across creatively and  make sense to everybody I would assume : )


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