Self portraits not selfies

Self portraits not selfies - student project

Being in front of the camera instead of behind it was definitely a challenge for me but I am actually really pleased with how some of the pictures came out.  I got out of work early one day and stopped at the pond I found on my new drive to work. I hadn’t planned on taking pictures so I didn’t have my tripod but I propped the camera (my phone) up with a stick at first but didn’t like the perspective so I used my backpack to balance it on and it looked much better.  Then when I looked at the pictures at home to make edits I realized the picture where you could see the stick was really intriguing and ended up being one of my favorites.  Definitely glad I joined this workshop!Self portraits not selfies - image 1 - student project

For these photos I decided to try and make the best of a gloomy day, took my dog for a walk at the park down the road and experimented with the tripod.  

Self portraits not selfies - image 2 - student projectSelf portraits not selfies - image 3 - student projectSelf portraits not selfies - image 4 - student project

Thanks for all the information and inspiration Hannah, great class!