Self portrait


Self portrait - image 1 - student projectSelf portrait - image 2 - student project
This is the first photo that I took after your course. I have an Nikon D5600 and I used an app on the phone to get the focus. The only problem is that I can’t put in continuous mode and is only taking one photo at a time with timer if I am using the app on the phone. If I am not using and only trying to get the focus without the app I can take up to 9 photos but most of the time I don’t get the focus right only if the aperture is higher. I put the focus here on the roses.In this photo was 1.8 I think. Do you know anything to fix this problem? Also, I edited the photo in Lightroom. Idk how good is the quality cuz I resize the photo, but it was taken RAW. Thank you