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Emma Niemans

Graphic Designer



Self portrait with a concussion

While currently having to deal with a concussion I've found that drawing is one of the few things that I can do that doesn't make the symptoms worse. So I'm really glad that I've found this class. Thanks a lot for making the usefull videos Gabrielle!

I tried to capture how the concussion makes me feel in this photo.


I printed it out and divided it in parts by drawing a grid over it to help me drawing the proportions right. I still have some trouble with drawing the proportions right but I will keep on practicing.

Now I have drawn this with the help of your videos.


Maybe I'll manage to get it more realistic with more shading. I also made the mouth to dark and feel that I should have ended the eyebrow curve higher. So I will definitely make more use of your proportion tips with comparing angles etcetera.

In the future I will print the photo black and grey instead of colour, I found that the result was less similar than with the color photo.

In the next one I will make more steps and the concussion will remain the subject. Probably with this more frontal photo.


Work in progress:








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