Self-portrait: my Inner Child and I

Self-portrait: my Inner Child and I - student project

Hi guys!

What an interesting class Olympia! I really appreciate your open and frank talk about your experience as an artist. You have shared very valuable tips and ideas. Thank you!

The proposed assignment seemed very interesting to me, but also very challenging!

This self-portrait confronted me to reflect on who I am at this moment, on where I come from and on what relationship I am having with that place from where I came from.

Having to express complex ideas with flat figures. My comfort zone requires gradients, shadows and textures!

I decided to try to represent my current relationship with my inner child.

When I was a little girl I was very thoughtful and sensitive. Sometimes the world seemed a very painful place to me.

But over the years, after many joys and sorrows, successes and failures, I have learned to love life and to marvel at the mystery of existence.

Now I am an adult who can warmly embrace that wounded girl and give her a safe space to heal ... And when the tears have wiped the eyes of the soul, take her by the hand and continue walking through life with hope and gratitude.

Self-portrait: my Inner Child and I - image 1 - student projectSelf-portrait: my Inner Child and I - image 2 - student project

Self-portrait: my Inner Child and I - image 3 - student project