Self discovery process

Self discovery process - student project

Wow! I started this class thinking it could give me some inspiration and direction, but little did I know it was going to be a whole self-discovery journey through ages and aesthetics! This class was exactly what I needed at this time, and it tied together so many loose ends in the aesthetic part of my mind. I have always felt exactly what Andy spoke about having too many influences that at first glance "contradict" each other, like a split creative personality. This was really a challenge in merging and creating something out of it all, and man, it was tough, but I'm so glad I pushed it through because it really gave clarity and direction that I've felt I've lacked! Here's my master board:Self discovery process - image 1 - student project What I realized is that what I've felt most contradicted with each other was the love for monochrome, soft, earthy, muted colors, and the love for strong colors like bright red against black. At the end of the process, it became clear, that the one theme running through all my biggest influences is exactly "contrast", which was a huge eye-opener. Notes on my master board themes: 

Self discovery process - image 2 - student project

After struggling with the three prompts but thankfully so, some "rules" became clear (and what a feeling that was!):

 Self discovery process - image 3 - student project

Alright, cool, let's see what happens if I mash them together... Without much thought other than my masterboard in mind and following the framework of my new rules, this is what came out:

Self discovery process - image 4 - student project

I think it represents my vision and influences quite well, but also, it's the first piece that completely follows "my style/rules" so I think I have lots to improve on. I'm especially glad about the discovery that black+red and muted neutrals don't contradict each other as I had thought. Can't wait to see where the results of this process take me next :) Thank you for this class, Andy!