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Jayne Fury

Author of Pulp & Romance



Self Start Forward

My Primary Focus: Consistent and ongoing development of positive and life changing events. 

What habits will I do: Yoga, Bullet Journal, walking and hiking, writing and submitting work, planning ahead, being positive, art-ing


5:00 (Weekdays) Alarm - snooze alarm: lay in bed and breathe, enjoy the quiet of the house

5:15 Turn on the bedside lamp and listen to the news of the morning

5:25 Up out of bed, bathroom

5:30 Dress 

5:45 Prep commuter coffee for sweetie and myself, take out prepped breakfast and lunch from fridge

5:50 Give sweetie five minute warning

5:55 Coat / hat and out the door

6:00 pick up carpool and drive them to the train station

6:00 Alarm (Weekends)

6:15 drop off carpool, turn on a podcast or another creative /inspiring listen

6:30 Home

6:30 Coffee and prayer 

6:45 Breakfast

7:00 Bullet journaling time - tasks and focus of the day

7:00 Breakfast (Weekends)

7:30 Spanish lessons

8:00 Correspondence 

8:00 Hiking (Weekends)

8:15 Shower and Dress (Monday & Wednesday)

8:15 Yoga, Waking/Hiking (Tuesday, Thursday, Friday)

8:45 Out to Writing date (Monday & Wednesday)

9:00 Shower and Dress (Tuesday, Thursday, Friday)

9:30 Creating (Writing, Editing, Graphics) (Tuesday, Thursday, Friday)

Evening Wind Down

8:00 PM Prep coffee maker, meals for sweetie to take to work, make sure commuter mugs are in place. 

8:30 Read

9:30 Lights out with restful music

Daily Focus

Monday - Get a positive start on the week, remove obstacles to allow clear focus. Look at Friday’s notes.  

Tuesday - Time and Treasure day, what am I doing to help others? Focus on corporal acts of mercy and volunteer work

Wednesday - Learning day. Take a free class, read a journal, sign up for something ti improve/motivate/sustain, library 

Thursday - Long / large project day. Focus on making and doing the long term projects like Camino de Santiago prep work, what is on the project plan that can be done today? What needs to be added? Spring garden planning, Winter garden prepping and the like.

Friday - Review, reflect and evaluate. Be kind to myself. Go to the spa, a restaurant, a movie. Journal reflections. Accomplishments and focus for the coming week.

Saturday - Relaxing walk. Reading. Spend time with my sweetie. Plan together. Cuddle. Read books side by side. 

Sunday - Hike and enjoy the outdoors, RAIN OR SHINE :D 

(Saturday and Sunday are interchangeable)


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