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Self-Service Business Analyst Coaching

Business Model:

Teach a Unique Combination of Business Skills to Coach Individuals and Teams in a Commercial Environment to Radically Improve the Quality of their Analysis and Reporting

  • In many organizations, analysts and teams are stuck in an unproductive cycle of repetitive report generation, where quality of information is poor
  • Sometimes they see this but can't find a way out: they feel stuck in a no-man's land between IT, who are basically interested in the upstream, mainframe systems, and information consumers, who don't know exactly what they want or whether they dare ask for it
  • By learning a relatively simple set of skills, these analysts can lift themselves out of this cycle and start to really make a difference - to their environment and also to themselves
  • My coaching product is designed to teach the basics of these skills and start people off on this journey: enough so that they can continue to make their own way as "self-service" Business Information professionals: turning the no-man's land described above into their own personal space where they are in charge and continually delight their customers
  • The key to delivering this is the combination: it is when they are combined that these skills really sing together and can make a difference. They include:
  • people skills: engaging with stakeholders, asking the right questions
  • data vizualization: report design, dashboards and charting
  • building and structuring data models: from first input to final output
  • Microsoft BI, especially advanced MS Excel techniques


Initially, the asset is myself and the investment of my work

Human Resources:

Initially, I am the only human resource required

My Customer:

My customer is normally a mid to large corporation where leaders believe in the value my coaching offers. Through this coaching, individuals and teams in the organization will gain in both productivity and quality of work

Parts of this that are Hard, Unique. How I will Repeat Again and Again:

Hard parts include finding my first clients and scoring some categorical wins. I must refine the balance of what I will teach between the different skills and adapt to specific coaching time-frames: one day, three days etc.

Unique is the blend of elements. There are many programmes out there around soft/people skills, some around data vizualization (although not many and often poor), and many around MS Excel. But none of these in isolation is anything like as useful as when combined.

  • Example 1: there's no point in teaching someone advanced Excel charting when they don't understand the value associated with being able to prepare a certain type of chart
  • Example 2: why teach someone the people skills to engage with bosses/ stakeholders if they don't already have something specific in mind, a direction they want to steer people in?

Repeat: my goal is to refine a basic teaching template which I can then adapt to specific instances. Ways to scale could be:

  • patent a coaching template and roll out for other coaches/ employees
  • set up an online coaching programme, for example on this very platform!


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