Self Published Book - Patterns Fro Babies

Self Published Book - Patterns Fro Babies - student project

I recently just published a children's book based off this class. I had created this book and printed it staples for just family and friends. Once they loved it and I watched this class I thought why not self publish it and share it with the work. It is all hand drawn images that I have in black and white. It is a high contrast pattern book which is known to be great for baby's eyes as they develop. Thank you for this class to help me learn this was even an option. I will say with the Kindle Direct Publishing now it did not give me the option to not publish first. That has been unfortunate. I have relied on family and friends to review. However, Amazon is taking some time to publish the reviews. I hope this books reaches more people since I have received so much great feedback from friends with their kids. I have attached the link below to it on Amazon. Please give a check out. Thanks again!