Self-Promotion - student project

Hey everyone! I'm Patricia - A perfectionist, procrastinator and honestly, self-sabotage has been my favorite thing to do since a young age.

I'm the type of person that perfects every tiny thing she does, has plenty of draft blogs posts and Instagram posts and sweats even just thinking about self-promotion because I feel like it is embarrassing as hell and I never want to be judged or rejected for it. But I'm tired of that old me as I'm starting my journey in entrepreneurship. Now I'm trying even harder to go out of my comfort zone and work on better habits. 

Deep down I know it is important for entrepreneurs to self-promotion as it's all part of the business - So here's to another huge step out of my comfort zone!

Hey everyone! I'm Patricia, A Virtual Assistant that helps entrepreneurs and small businesses with social media management and graphic design templates. If you want to follow my progress or have a virtual coffee chat just follow me on Instagram @virtualaddition or flick me an email on [email protected]