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Self Portrait. But I wasn't there.

Dear mr. Gill,

you ask me to write a letter to you, explaining how you changed my life.

To be honest, I would say that you have the potential of changing my life, but we aren't there yet.

Let's say that your first video is a promising start. If you keep working hard and being passionate (more and more), you might change my life for real, beyond rethoric.

Let's see how you do in the next weeks. I can't deny that - being yourself mr BG - I have great expectations.

On my side, of course, I would be more than pleased to have you in charge of changing my life.


The image above, it is my self-portrait. I am partially satisfied with it.
In the next days, I will make a better version of it, and I will explain how I've got there.
For the time being, it's a start: it's moreless 30% of what I could do: I'll work on it.
Let's consider it a work-in-progress.

Thanks for triggering all kind of thoughts and experiments from my side.

Thanks for your video, and for your energy. I hope to improve. And I truly hope you are good enough (in this class) to be able to change my life.

Sincerely Yours

Stefano Mirti


Since I watched the video, a question has been buzzing in my mind.

You ask us to explain how you change our life.
But (forgive me), wouldn't be more fun to have us changing your life?
What's the point in you changing my life and all these lives?
If I was in your position, I would ask to explain how each of us is going to change your life.
If it's only you changing all of our lives, after a while, it must be pretty boring, isn't it?

I mean, if you were some bishop or priest, zen master or Buddha-like, that would make perfect sense. But you are BG. I would imagine that you should have some fun & change too, otherwise, its' an unfair game (and I don't want to be unfair to you).

(I am asking this because I am worried that after some weeks with you busy changing all our lives, you get bored about our lives and you leave to do more interesting things: I guess if we were changing your life as well, this would work better and it could be much nicer for you...)


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